Silver Sky Group

SilverSky Group is an intellectual property and business development services firm. SilverSky Group is not a law firm, but if a SilverSky Group client requires legal services, SilverSky Group is affiliated with Hays & Casey
(accessible on the Hays & Casey page herein),
which can provide a range of legal services.

Many growing businesses are struggling to hire employees to meet all of their needs in certain specialized areas in which we excel and are frustrated by outside contract support that often provide lower quality and often too narrowly focused services.

Even successful, established businesses need the assistance of practical, skilled and experienced professionals to support and supplement their existing intellectual property and business operations.

SilverSky Group provides this vital support to individuals, start-up business ventures, small to mid-size businesses, and even to large corporations recognized as Fortune listed companies. SilverSky Group fills a gap and has found its niche here in Reno, Nevada, providing services to clients in the Reno/Tahoe region, across the country, and around the world.

At SilverSky Group, all of our Services revolve around our intellectual property and technological expertise. By melding intellectual property with a wealth of practical business development know-how and support, SilverSky Group is able to provide a truly unique and extensive range of services to an extremely diverse group of clients. SilverSky Group also gives each client access to all of the SilverSky Group team members, while providing a primary and secondary contact for all matters to assure clients that someone from SilverSky Group will be there when needed.

Every client is assigned a Primary and Secondary Client Contact. The Primary Client Contact provides a wide range of customized support relating to practical business development and intellectual property services, including attending important meetings with clients (Shadowing ™), negotiating on behalf of clients, public policy support, employee education, business plan implementation, braining, problem solving, project management, and more… The Secondary Client Contact always knows what is going on with each client and provides direct support and assistance to the primary contact. Together, the Client Contacts serve to assure clients that SilverSky Group will always be available when needed.

SilverSky Group prides itself in being different from other service providers in our markets. While our unique blending of Services is different on its own, we also treat our clients differently, like we expect to be treated when we are or have been clients of others. For example, our Value-Based Billing™ model insures clients that they will only be charged for the services they receive and are not billed based on who provided the service. Under this model, clients are not charged a set-in-stone hourly rate for the services provided by a SilverSky Group team member, but rather the most appropriate rate for the type of work being performed by each SilverSky Group team member, at a given point in time. The Value-Based Billing model enables clients to get the greatest value for the services being performed at all times. Other billing arrangements are negotiable.